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Yibbida operates multiple traffic exchange systems that are consistently generating web site traffic. Every member of Yibbida can freely access and participate in our auto surf, manual surf, banner exchange & text ad traffic exchange systems.

Register Your Free traffic exchange Account today and receive 1000 Bonus credits.

Here at Yibbida we use a 1:1 Surf Ratio on both our Auto Surf and Manual Surf. For example, As you surf for Advertising credits our auto surf / manual surf traffic exchange systems will show you a web site that belongs to one of our members.

You are required to view each web site for a minimum of 12 seconds. Once the required 12 seconds have elapsed the traffic exchange system will automatically deposit 1 auto surf / manual surf credit into your yibbida account (You view 1 pages = 1 advertising credit then in reverse 1 web site visitor = minus 1 credit). The traffic exchange system will then automatically repeat the whole process, continually depositing advertising credits into your Free Yibbida account.

In an effort to generate even more web site traffic for You and all of our other traffic exchange members, Yibbida exchanges views with other traffic exchanges (Networked Traffic), That means your pages could be being displayed to other surfer's using a wide variety of other auto surf and manual surf traffic exchanges across the web.

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