Save and invest for the long term.
Whatever the market brings.
Wealthfront is designed to build wealth over time — so make tomorrow count. Earn 3.30% APY on your short-term cash, and invest for the long term with an automated, diversified Investment Account.

More interest on your cash.
Earn 3.30% APY.
That's 15x the national interest rate3, and zero strings attached.

With our high-yield Cash Account, you’ll earn more on your short-term savings, like for your emergency fund or, say, a new canoe — and more on any money you’re planning to invest later. Cha-ching??.

No account fees
Unlimited fee-free transfers
Up to $2M FDIC insurance through partner banks
Just $1 to get started

long-term investing.
Investing when the markets are down can mean getting in at a discount.

Remember, over the long term the markets have always bounced back ??. Even with the inevitable ups and downs, our expert-built portfolios make it easy to stay diversified for long-term goals. We’ll automatically rebalance your portfolio, manage unnecessary risk, and help minimize your taxes. It’s no secret, it’s just time (and a lot of automation).

Expert-built portfolios with up to 17 global asset classes
Our software handles all the trading and rebalancing
Tax-Loss Harvesting has boosted after-tax returns by an extra ~1.8%
Designed to help keep the cost of investing low

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