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Shorten, track and optimize your links with catchy call-to-actions, retargeting pixels, custom domains and powerful analytics.

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What Is Replug?
Replug is an all-in-one link management tool for branded URL shortening, adding retargeting pixels, embedding call-to-actions and creating social media bio-links.

Create Branded Shortened Links With Your Custom Domain
Boost the visibility and trust of your brand by creating short links with your own custom domain. The more content you share, the more awareness and recognition your brand gets. On top of that, you get better deliverability in emails and higher CTR and reach on social media.

Retarget Anyone Who Clicks On Your Links
Automatically build custom audiences on different ad networks and convert anyone who viewed your content (especially 3rd party content). Increase conversions by running highly targeted retargeting campaigns based on what links your audience has visited.

Create Beautiful Bio Landing Pages
Drive traffic from your social media bio links to a beautiful web page containing all of your useful and always up-to-date links. Add links to your services, products, videos, other social media networks and more with easy to use blocks and customizable layouts.

And much more…

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