We believe your brand comes first.
Behind every piece of valuable information you share online, there’s a link. Every one of those links is an asset for your company - so why put another brand’s name in the spotlight?

We are spread across 4 continents, speak 11 different languages and practice 6 different religions. Whether working together in one of our offices or flying solo and working remotely, we're bound together by our passion for delivering a truly great product.

The complete solution for Branded Link Management

The most advanced features available on the market

Link management
• Fast Redirects
• Editable destination URLs
• Custom URL slugs
• Link search
• QR codes
• Link tags
• Branded link export
• Link expiration
• UTM presets
• Bulk link creation/edit
• High volume links

Traffic routing
• 301 SEO redirect
• Parameter forwarding
• Open graph control
• Link retargeting
• Mobile deep linking
• Traffic routing
• Links with emojis

• Link analytics
• UTM builder
• GDPR privacy
• Private/public reports
• Aggregated reports
• Custom report builder
• Your logo in reports
and more…

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