What is NeoBux?
NeoBux is a pay-to-click (PTC) platform that pays you to view advertisements and click on ads, as well as to take surveys and play free online games.

Access is available worldwide at Right now there’s no mobile app.

No matter where you are in the world, you can sign up and start earning.

How does NeoBux work?
NeoBux describes itself as a “Get-Paid-To Service”. It works by selling clicks to advertisers who want to drive traffic to their sites. Users then sign-up and click to view these advertisements in exchange for cash.

The site also offers users the chance to “rent referrals”. Basically, you “buy” users who sign up normally, then make a commission on their NeoBux activities.

You can also earn cash completing surveys and playing games on NeoBux. You do this from the main dashboard.

How much does NeoBux pay?
H.A. Neobuxer represents a typical person doing online research studies at NeoBux. As you can see, his earnings are fairly low. (This is typical for survey sites.)

Clicking to view an ad will pay anything from $0.001-0.005. Most ads take around 10-12 seconds to view.

Surveys pay more but I couldn’t find any offering more than $1.

The average cash reward for a survey appears to be around $0.60 but there are quite a lot of daily surveys available.

Some users report completing surveys only to not qualify.

Playing games on NeoBux doesn’t offer a great cash rate either. Two minutes of gameplay pays the equivalent of viewing 5-6 ads ($0.025).

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