In 2009…
We developed our revolutionary TE management software suite.

In 2015…
We’re widely recognized as the benchmark for TE software excellence.

Introducing the Launch Formula Marketing Traffic Exchange (LFMTE) software suite.
Quickly build your own cutting-edge Traffic Exchange website.
Use the built-in One-Time-Offer and Upsell templates to easily run sales and discounts.
Install a wide variety of plug-ins to activate time-saving automation and e-commerce tools.
Join our vibrant, welcoming LFMTE community of traffic exchange enthusiasts to forge joint venture partnerships and gain knowledge from fellow business owners.

7 Reasons Why LFMTE CRUSHES the Competition
LFMTE was built by an experienced traffic exchange owner (we KNOW how this business works).
LFMTE was designed to build businesses and features professional e-commerce solutions.
LFMTE has been around since 2009, making it one of the most stable and reliable software solutions on the market.
LFMTE looks towards the future and is constantly being improved and upgraded.
LFMTE gives you all the support you could need, including FAQs, training videos, help tickets, conference room training, and a Facebook community.
LFMTE offers “done for you” solutions – perfect if you’re nervous about installing software.
LFMTE is available for a single, affordable purchase and doesn’t lock you into any expensive subscriptions.


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