Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games is a promotional games platform with real cash prizes where playing supports charity, and where players keep all their winnings. Players may support any charity they like (as long as it's an IRS-recognized U.S. public charity and is in good standing). Golden Hearts Games offers live-action, fast-paced, classic online bingo games 24/7, as well as several QuickPlay Games that can be played between bingo games or anytime. A new bingo game starts every 10 minutes and every bingo game pays cash prizes.

To start, Golden Hearts Games players need to create an account and provide their name, zip code, email address and create a password, or players can use Facebook Login and provide their zip code. Players then select a favorite or local charity they want to support (or just select from a list of charities) and then choose a donation amount. As soon as a player completes their donation, they have instant access to any of the games on Golden Hearts Games. New bingo games start every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all games have cash prizes. Any of the QuickPlay Games can be played in between bingo games or at anytime throughout the day. When a player wins, the cash prize is credited to the player’s account. Winning players may withdraw winnings using our withdrawal system or use their winnings to make another donation. Please see our Universal Platform Rules for additional information on how winners may use their winnings.

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