Exchange-it is a free service designed to help web sites trade advertising with each other. By inserting a banner into your web page you automatically display advertisements for other members, in return, your banners will be displayed across our member network. Exchange-it is an excellent way to "Get the word out" about your web site. Take a online mini-tour to learn more about our free banner exchange or join FastClick.

3 Easy Steps
Joining Exchange-it is a simple process requiring only a web page. Follow these instructions and you can be generating advertising for your web site in minutes. Exchange-it is currently not accepting new members, but we highly recommend Fastclick!

  1. Join Exchange-it.
  2. Insert an Exchange-it banner into your web page(s).
  3. Submit your banner in Member Center.

How does it all work?
As a member of our banner exchange, you have the option to display a banner (a banner is 468x60 pixel GIF image like the one at the top of this page) on one or more web pages. With each visit to your web page, a new banner will automatically load with another members banner or one of our banners. In exchange for placing a banner into your web page, we will display your banner on other web sites for free. What's in it for us? Each time our system displays a banner on your site we will automatically credit your account .5 credits. The credits that you accumulate are used to advertise your banners on our network. So if you have 100 ad displays on your site, we will display your banner 50 times on our network, and use the remaining 50 ad displays for sponsor or Exchange-it banners.

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