Ebesucher accepts members from all countries, so whether you live in America or Trinidad, you can join and start earning money online.

It works with your browser, and you’ll be required to visit other sites through it in order to gain points.

You’re likely to find sites that interest you while you are using this application, but if you wish to earn a significant number of points, you can’t just view a few sites. You’ll have to leave your browser open, so that ads for other sites are continually displayed.

Ebesucher is built for that. It is an autosurf program, so it will automatically take you from one site to the next. You don’t need to stop what you are doing in order to click on a link or visit a different web page.

The program spends a specific time on each page. It then moves on to the next site in the network. You may view cooking sites, and even fitness sites. There’s a mix, and as you earn, you may enjoy the content.

This site also has an email exchange. Once you sign up for that, you will be sent emails regularly on different topics. If you choose to participate in the email exchange, it’s good to use a separate email from your regular email, since you’ll receive lots of messages.

You can sign up for both the traffic exchange and the email exchange. You have the option, and you will earn more if you participate in both. The traffic exchange is easier, as with the emails, you’ll have to spend time manually opening each one.

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