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CPAlead Provides Installs for Android and iOS Mobile Apps
CPAlead delivers installs for Android and iOS apps by connecting mobile app developers and CPI networks to our 1,750,000 publishers. Our direct relationships with cost-per-install (CPI) advertisers through our real time bidding marketplace is how we're able to bring the best performing CPI offers in the industry along with daily payments.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)
Affiliate Marketers
CPI offers provided by our real time bidding marketplace allow affiliate marketers to earn more from their mobile web or in-app traffic. When your traffic installs an app, you earn! You can cash out the amount you earn the next day as CPAlead pays all publishers daily.

Mobile App Developers
When your users install an app, you earn money - it really is that simple! Our RTB Marketplace attracts source advertisers who bring direct Cost Per Install (CPI) offers to mobile app developers. Using our Offer Wall, app developers can easily monetize their in-game premium content using in-game rewards in exchange for CPI offer interaction. SDK and API available.

Mobile Ad Networks
We provide hundreds of CPI offers to mobile ad networks through our API. Known as cross-publishing, we're able to expand our reach by connecting with publishers on other performance based mobile ad networks.

Media Buyers
Many of our affiliates drive traffic to our offers by purchasing traffic from Bing, Adwords, Facebook, and other ad marketplaces, search engines, and social networks. Our direct CPI offers allow you to earn more with less effort.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Real Time Bidding Marketplace
Create a CPI campaign for your mobile app and start seeing installs the same day. Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your mobile app or a CPI offer from another network, our real time bidding system will automatically connect your offer to publishers who are looking to monetize their mobile traffic. Low minimum deposit requirement of only $250.

Global Reach
With over 1,750,000 traffic sources, month after month millions of people interact with offers provided by our self serve CPI advertisers. No matter which country you choose, we will provide you the fills you need.

Integration Options
We work with all CPI networks. If you can find a hot CPI offer that we don't have, add it to our marketplace! Our system works with anyone who has an app, CPI offer, or CPA offer. Mobile app developers add your app directly with Appsflyer, Tune, Kochava, and our in-house SDK.

Device Detection
Targeting is important to us because it is important to you. Not only does our network support targeting by country, we also support targeting by device. This includes all Android devices, all iOS devices, desktop computers and operating systems.

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