Bitly’s Connections Platform
All the products you need to build brand connections, manage links and QR Codes, and connect with audiences everywhere, in a single unified platform.

Link Management
A comprehensive solution to help make every point of connection between your content and your audience more powerful.

Popular Link Management Features

URL shortening at scale
Custom links with your brand
URL redirects
Advanced analytics & tracking

QR Codes
QR Code solutions for every customer, business and brand experience.

Popular QR Code Features

Fully customizable QR Codes
Dynamic QR Codes
QR Code types & destination options
Advanced analytics & tracking

Link-in-bio NEW
Bitly Link-in-bio, powered by Bitly Link Management, to help you curate, package and track your best links.

Popular Link-in-bio Features

Custom URLs for social media
Customizable landing page
Easy-to-manage links
Link and landing page tracking

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